Monday, May 21, 2007

An outtake acquired while researching this article - interviewing a 30-something Norwegian student.

Summer: So why did you decide to study Wing Chun?
Student: One word: self-defense.
Summer: Oh?
Student: Absolutely, I need to defend myself. Have you ever heard of capoeira?
Summer: Yes.
Student: Well, I'm moving to Brazil to study capoeira. Brazil is a very dangerous place. There are 50,000 murders in Brazil every year. And I'm white. So people are going to be trying to attack me.
Summer: Mm-hmm.
Student: Here, let me show you something. [I reluctantly participate in his demo.] You know, I really could be teaching this class, I am very experienced [pause] Do you want to have this interview in Chinese?
Summer: No - why?
Student: I could, if you want, I speak fluent Chinese. [As I drift off] I also study kickboxing and acrobatics. I can stand on my head for hours if I have to. Do you do any sports?
Summer: Skeet-shooting.
Student: Really?
Summer: Honesty is the cornerstone of skeet-shooting.