Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's been nearly two months since I posted anything here last - my apologies. I've spent most of the last two months studying for the GRE and then the GRE subject test in English Literature, preparing to apply to grad school for fall 2009. I've also been doing some profitable but unexcited editing and fact-checking work, etc.

But I have managed to write a bit, at least, so expect new work from me soon in Tarpaulin Sky, Identity Theory, artnet, Hotel St. George, and ALARM. And I've signed on as an editor over at Swink, too, reading fiction submissions.

I've also been shopping around the draft of my first novel to some agents, and working on scenes and monologues for Megan Shank's "Impulse," to be performed for the first time next month.

And of course, The Foghorn rolls on, with lots of great new stuff!