Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here are some things we never have to say again.

It's over! We all know! Everyone knows these things! So here are a list of observations no one ever has to make again.

1. The song "Isn't It Ironic?" by Alanis Morisette consistently misuses the word ironic.

2. The word homosexual is a lexicographic heteromorph.

3. Peanuts are not nuts.

4. Tomatoes are not vegetables.

5. Whales are not fish. Neither are starfish or jellyfish.

6. Pandas are not bears.

7. Spiders are not insects.

8. The plural of octopus is not octopuses; it's octopi.

9. The plural of octopus is not really octopi; it's octopuses.

10. The plural of octopus is not really octopuses; it's octopodes.

11. But really, it's octopuses.

12. The word data is plural; the singular is datum.

13. The North American buffalo is actually a bison.

14. Dolphins are not fish; they're legumes.