Friday, February 21, 2014

"Think of it more as a personal bubble blower"

Some of my all-favorite product reviews were generated by a recent search for a battery-powered bubble machine.  Some highlights:

This bubble machine does have one thing going for it. It shoots tons of bubbles, just like it says . . . My older son loves the thousands of bubbles but my younger son is overwhelmed by it. I wish I'd gotten something else.

I bought this bubble machine as one more prop for my girlfriend's birthday surprise. When I used it during the birthday party, it didn't produce a noticeable number of bubbles. Do not purchase this bubble machine expecting to fill up a room with bubbles. Think of it more as a personal bubble blower, good for fun for yourself and maybe a couple friends/kids/pets . . . In short, to not mislead consumers, either the "turbo" or the "machine" should be removed from the product name. Lots of fun anyways though.

This is a high quality toy. I thought it would be a good distraction for my two dogs but it was NOT. They did not even look at it as the bubbles were flying about. Don't waste money buying it for your dog.

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