Friday, September 19, 2014

Los Angeles County Fair: Tablescaping Judges' Notes

Some excerpts from the judges' notes in this year's Los Angeles County Fair Tablescaping Competition:

1. "Tablecloth needs pressing and is slightly too long."
2. "Question soup spoon. Unsure if guests are spooning their own hollandaise sauce."
3. "Menu is lacking diversity. Fruit for salad and dessert course is repetitive.  Questioning the knife, as it does not go with the menu. Lobster pick is appropriate but nut pick is not."
4. "Cake server out of proportion with the cake.  Too much flatware, fork not needed for grapes."
5. "Menu does not match place setting.  Dinner plate is too large for appetizer or salad.  Knife is not needed." *
6. (For a Passover table) "Missing plate for gafita [sic] fish."

Related: I am definitely entering the Tablescaping contest next year.

* I believe this was the Halloween-themed table. As I was noting this down, a woman came by with her teenage daughter, saw the labeled glass drink containers, laughed out loud, and exclaimed, "Apple Spider?! Now that's creative!"

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