Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Writing Life

I just finished a piece of business writing, a year-end financial statement for a Chinese corporation, sent back four times with the comment, "This looks good, but can you make it more exciting?"

Other recent and varied projects include 100 test questions on "critical reading" for high school students and the glossary to a book about Hinduism.

Editing for the local magazine here has taken up a lot of time - most of it spent looking for synonyms for "spicy" - but I'm finally getting settled back into the rhythm of steady freelancing. I'm currently working on an new assignments for artnet, Verse, and Identity Theory, and as well as two pitches for pieces about Shanghai.

For those who have asked - my restaurant reviews and other That's Shanghai material are written anonymously and won't be going up on this site, but I'm happy to send clips to anyone who'd like them.