Friday, April 30, 2010

Also, don't even get me started on alligators vs. crocodiles, sea lions vs. seals, or the whole monkey vs. ape vs. lemur kerfuffle. (Maybe it's really taxonomy I have a problem with. Also, all my friends.)

I can't wait until we can ruin Beatrice's trips to the zoo with our pedantic insistence on taxonomic minutiae. In the meantime at least we can decorate her room with these awesome

I was reminded of this one *(above) when just now I said to Beatrice, "Oh, look, do you want to play with your toy alligator? Well, technically, it's a crocodile."
*When I was in college I hung a small sign that read "Ceci n'est pas un sofa " above our futon. SPRING BREAK!